Current Projects

Terrawatu is proud to say that when we celebrated our 10-Year anniversary in 2011, the majority of our projects were self-sustainable and the others were in need of modest amounts of funding to maintain their growth. In our 17 years of experience, we have learned to stream-line project development to make the biggest impact. In other words, a little goes a long way with Terrawatu.

Our current initiatives build upon our years of experience and our strong relationships with local communities in Tanzania:

  • Natema School Project – construction of additional classrooms at Natema Primary School including a tech center with latest mobile technology.
  • Local Income Generation – building businesses and nurturing entrepreneurship with youth and women.
  • Kibowa Orphanage – construction of orphanage, offices and kitchen as well as support of education and living expenses for orphans.
  • Consulting – providing consulting services for organizations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs working in Tanzania and the sub-Saharan Africa region.
  • Environment & Nutrition – launched a Moringa cultivation and processing project in villages in Arusha District.