Child School Sponsorship

First girl in her family to graduate high school
First girl in her family to graduate high school

Sponsoring a child in Terrawatu’s CSS program changes a child’s education for the better. Through the payment of school fees, private tuition, and buying uniforms and books, child sponsorship enables a child to attend school and prepare effectively for examinations. Education is one path to success. When a child is sponsored a whole community is helped.

Imagine the effect if just one child goes on to become a professional or skilled person as a direct consequence of sponsorship. The one child, once an adult, will have a beneficial influence on his/her own family, and as a result, so will the extended family, and eventually the immediate local community in which that family resides. This is a mushroom effect. It is an extremely powerful way of achieving social change.

This was how Terrawatu’s Child-School-Sponsorship (CSS) Program flourished.

We work directly in Tanzania with teachers at Natema and Olchoki Primary School to identify promising female students at either the Standard 5 or 6 level (Grade 5 or 6).

Sponsors make a 7-year committment to the program. This long-term commitment is important for the goal of having more girls in Tanzania complete secondary school. Increasing the education level of women helps decrease family size, creating families that are relatively more financially secure.

One of the first students sponsored through Terrawatu’s Child School Sponsorship Program just began her third and final year at the University of Dar es Salaam. A family from Seattle, Washington has been supporting her education since primary school, over seven years ago. She is majoring in Education and Language and is currently on her field attachment in Tanzania.

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